Volleyball Camps

Ultimate Volleyball Camp

Ages 6-13
Spencer Crossing School Gymnasium (Entry L)
Our coaches will help you increase your volleyball skills, as well as teach or review basic skills such as serving, passing, setting and spiking. Instruction will be given at both the beginner and advanced levels by coaches of the Ultimate Volleyball Club.

Activity Day Date Time R/NR
15213-A1 M-TH 6/6-6/9 9:30-11:30am $100/$105
15213-A2 M-TH 7/11-7/14 9:30-11:30am $100/$105

Activity Day Date  Time R/NR
15213-A3 M-TH 6/6-6/9 11:45am-1:45pm $100/$105
15213-A4 M-TH 7/11-7/14 11:45am-1:45pm $100/$105

Lincoln-Way Central Volleyball Camps

Ages 6-14
Lincoln-Way Central High School Main Gymnasium
Fundamentals are taught to beginners, while advanced techniques and strategies taught to experienced players. This camp will be instructed by Lincoln-Way Central coaching staff and players. Fee includes a T-shirt. For additional information, please contact Coach Brown at mbrown@lw210.org.

Grades 1-3
Activity Day Date Time R/NR
15210-A1 M-TH 7/11-7/14 8:00-9:00am $50
Grades 4-6
Activity Day Date Time R/NR
15210-A2 M-TH 7/11-7/14 9:00-10:30am $75
Grades 7-8
Activity Day Date Time R/NR
15210-A3 M-TH 7/11-7/14 10:30-Noon $75
Incoming Freshman Camp-Boys
Activity Day Date Time R/NR
15210-A4 M-TH 6/6-6/9 3:00-5:00pm $75
Incoming Freshman Camp-Girls
Activity Day Date Time R/NR
15210-A5 M-TH 7/18-7/29 1:00-3:00pm $110