About ACES

Before & After School Program Grades K-6 (2022-2023 School Year) 

Registration begins Monday, June 27.  Weekly payment is due by 10:00am the Tuesday of the previous week! Be sure to REGISTER today!

The ACES program is designed to provide a safe, structured before-and-after school program for children attending District 122 schools in grades Kindergarten through sixth. The program hours are 6:30am until school begins and after school until 6:30pm. We accommodate full-time, part-time, and flexible schedules. Each participant is required to pay a one-time nonrefundable $35 registration fee.

Online registration will be available after your one-time nonrefundable $35 registration fee has been paid. Weekly payment is due by 10:00am on Tuesday of the previous week.

  • Late registration will be taken until the previous Thursday at  Noon. Absolutely No Registration will be taken after the deadline, No Exceptions.
  • Absolutely No drop-off registration will be taken.
  • We do not credit accounts for days absent or transfer days from week to week.

All families are required to utilize ePact, No Exceptions. ePact information must be completed prior to the first day participant attends the program. Learn more about Why we are utilizing ePact and How ePact works.

Weekly calendar registration forms are available on our website. All weekly calendar registration forms need to be filled out completely for each child you have in the program. If you are not able to register online, weekly calendar registration forms, along with your payment, can be faxed to (815) 485-3589 or dropped off at the drop box located outside of the NLCPD Administration Building, 701 W. Haven Avenue.

We offer an Automatic Payment Plan option for those individuals who are attending ACES on a set schedule. In order for you to enroll, you must complete the ACES Commitment Form and the Childcare Financial Agreement and Credit Card Authorization Form. Note that in order to be enrolled in the Automatic Payment Plan, you must complete and submit these forms to the Park District Office one week prior to starting the program. You will be subjected to a $25 service charge if your card is declined.