ACES PowerPlay! Before & After School Program

Grades K-6 (2021-2022 School Year)

ATTENTION! Weekly payment is due by 8:00am the Tuesday of the previous week!
Be sure to register today!

The ACES program is designed to provide a safe, structured before and after school program for children attending District 122 schools in grades Kindergarten through sixth. Our program takes place directly in the school district facilities where we can utilize their gymnasium and cafeteria for our program before and after school hours. Some activities at ACES include crafts, games, outdoor activities, and time for homework. The program is staffed with trained leaders and assistants. We can accommodate full-time and part-time schedules. The ACES program hours are 6:30am until school begins and after school until 6:30pm.

There is a $30 non-refundable registration fee that must be completed online or at the Administration Office. Registration for this program starts on Monday, June 28, 2021. Once you have paid the registration fee you will be sent an email to complete your child’s ePACT profile. If you have already created an ePACT profile you will go in and update any necessary information. This is mandatory for your child to attend the program.

We offer a payment plan for those individuals who have committed to a set schedule at ACES. In order for you to enroll, you must complete the Commitment and Financial Agreement Form.

Registration to pick your days for the school year will be available starting, Monday, June 28, 2021. You can only pick days after you have paid the $30 registration fee mentioned above. We strongly encourage you to use the online registration system. This will prevent you from having to fill out the weekly calendar registration forms. Weekly calendar registration forms are available on our website All weekly calendar registration forms need to be filled out completely for each child you have in the program. If you are not able to register online, weekly calendar registration forms, along with your payment, can be turned in at our Administration Building, 701 W. Haven Avenue.

Payment is due by TUESDAY at 8:00AM of the previous week to attend ACES. Online registration is not available starting Tuesday at 8:01am. There is a $25 late fee assessed to late registrations per child. We will not waive this fee, NO EXCEPTIONS! This is for the safety of your child! We need to ensure that our program rosters are correct for our Park District Staff and the School District.

Please Note: When you pay your $30 non-refundable registration fee, you are not able to attend ACES that week. You must wait until the following week to attend the program. Example: School starts on Wednesday, August 18. Your child needs to be registered by Tuesday, August 10 at 8:00am. If you stop in the following Tuesday, August 17 to register your child, your child will not be able to attend ACES until Monday, August 23.

NLCPD reserves the right to change a payment to reflect the correct fee.

 NLCPD reserves the right to automatically charge your credit card if you do not include payment with your registration form. A $25 late fee per child will be assessed for registration received after Tuesday at 8:01am.

BEFORE SCHOOL $65 $54 $44 $32 $18 Spencer ACES
Spencer Crossing School CafeteriaNelson ACES
Nelson Prairie School Cafeteria 

Tyler/Bentley ACES
Tyler School Gymnasium


Haines/Oakview ACES
Haines School Cafeteria

2nd child $60 $50 $41 $30 $17
AFTER SCHOOL $75 $63 $50 $36 $20
2nd child $69 $58 $46 $33 $19
½ Day Early Dismissal Upcharge $18
Note: We do not credit accounts for days absent or transfer days from week to week.


Please be sure to read the handbook thoroughly. Changes have been made to the policies and procedures of the ACES program.

Below are the monthly registration forms per school if you choose to drop-off or register in person.
Spencer Campus: Aug. 2021, Sept. 2021
Nelson Campus: Aug. 2021, Sept. 2021
Tyler/Bentley Campus: Aug. 2021, Sept. 2021
Haines/Oakview Campus: Aug. 2021, Sept. 2021
We offer a payment plan for those individuals who have committed to a set schedule at ACES. In order for you to enroll, you must complete the Commitment and Financial Agreement Form.


New Lenox Community Park District is proud to announce our adoption of ePACT Network for better safety! ePACT is a secure emergency network, that we will use to collect medical and emergency contact information electronically. Not only will ePACT replace paper forms, but it will also ensure we have a way to communicate with you.

Why are we using ePACT?

  • To save you time – With ePACT, you only need to complete your child’s information once, and can then use that same record for other programs or subsequent years
  • Improved privacy and security – Eliminating paper forms ensures that your key information is safe and secure. ePACT maintains the same levels of security as online banking, and limits access only to the administrators we assign for enhanced privacy.
  • Better support – ePACT makes it easy for you to share comprehensive health and emergency contact details, so we can provide the best support to your child. Plus, you can update this anytime and we will automatically receive those new details.

How it works

  • You’ll receive an email invite to share information with New Lenox Community Park District
  • Click ‘Complete Request’ to create a free account, or log-in if you already have an existing ePACT account.
  • Enter the required information, like medical conditions, and share it with New Lenox Community Park District so that program staff have access.