Children Programs

Program Requirements

  • Children must be the correct age by 9/1/20, unless otherwise specified. In order to provide your child with the best possible recreational and/or learning experience, all of our programs are planned according to the ages listed in our brochure.
  • Although your child may turn the correct age during a second session of a program, our age requirement date coincides with the school district’s date to assist with the fundamental growth of the child in the age appropriate programs and therefore would not be eligible for registration.
  • Classes are for child attending only, except for classes with an adult. Parents should not remain in the classroom or gymnasium after dropping off their child. This is in the child’s best interest, as continual interruptions tend to affect participant’s attention span and inhibit the establishment of peer relationships.
  • All children must be potty-trained, unless they are attending a class where an adult stays with them or otherwise stated in the class description. Diapers are not permitted in independent classes unless stated in the class description.
  • Please do not bring food to any class, unless previously arranged. For your children’s safety, all children enrolled in preschool-age programs must be picked up from the specific classroom or program site by their parents or designated guardian. No child will be released from the classroom to anyone other than these individuals.
  • A mandatory sign-in and sign-out procedure for all participants is required for all Park District Programs.
  • Classes that require a parent to attend with a child are shown with this icon:


Wiggles, Giggles & Fun

Ages Birth-5                                         
LCC (Room 1) Entry C
A parent or caregiver stays to interact with their child to encourage socialization during free play time and participation in circle time learning. You’ll be right there to celebrate every discovery with smiles, hugs and an occasional adult-sized giggle. Infants are also allowed in the class to watch the fun, so no need to find a babysitter. Price is for up to two children only. Third child will be an additional $6.
Activity          Day      Date             Time                              R/NR
10127-A3       M         7/6-7/27        9:15-10:15am                $37/$42
10127-A4       M         7/6-7/27        10:30-11:30am              $37/$42


Play School with Me

Ages 2-3                                        
Activity A2 – LCC (Room 1) Entry C
Activity A4 – LCC (Bi-Centenial Room)
Come and enjoy a special hour with your child. Each week, your children will have fun learning nursery rhymes, finger plays, singing songs and doing a craft with you, while preparing for a more structured Preschool. When your child is having fun, they are learning!
Activity          Day      Date             Time                              R/NR
10126-A2       W         7/8-7/29        9:20-10:20am                $40/$45
10126-A4       TU       7/7-7/28        6:15-7:15pm                  $40/$45


On My Own

Ages 2-3
LCC (Room 1) Entry C
This class will help ease separation fears and encourage independence for your child. Children will have fun playing in a semi-structured environment with a variety of toys and creative arts. Your child will experience a wide variety of activities while encouraging development of their listening, sharing and large and fine motor skills. Instructor will not change diapers.
Activity          Day      Date              Time                             R/NR
10124-A2       W         7/8-7/29        10:30-11:45am              $42/$47


Parent & Child Gardening

Ages 2-6                                                        
LCC (Bi-Centennial Room) Entry C
Share the joy of gardening with your child! You and your child will be able to enjoy the planter that you create together all summer long. You will be able to choose from a variety of plants and flowers. For each additional child, please add $6. Open to moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, etc. who want to create a memorable night with a special child in their life!
Activity         Day      Date        Time                       R/NR
11125-A1       M         8/10         6:15-7:15pm           $24/$29 per pair
*$6 each additional child


A to Z Animal Tales

Ages 2½-5
LCC (Room 3) Entry C
Toddlers will explore animals of all kinds! They will learn about animals that live in the desert, rainforest, the jungle and on the ice. We will study our furry friends through stories, songs and activities. Each class will include an animal related project. Combine with Busy Hands for a longer day!
Activity          Day      Date              Time                              R/NR
11250-A2       M         7/6-7/27        9:00-10:30am                $44/$49


Busy Hands

Ages 2½-5
LCC (Room 3) Entry C
This class is designed to prepare your child for Preschool or Kindergarten by building his/her fine motor skills through fun activities. Children will participate in finger plays, learn proper pencil grip and more. Several teaching techniques will be used to further develop their fine motor skills. Combine with A to Z Animal Tales for a longer day!
Activity          Day      Date            Time                             R/NR
11572-A2       M         7/6-7/27        10:30am-Noon             $48/$53


Preschool Academy

Ages 2½-4                                 
LCC (Room 5) Entry C
This is a great Preschool or Kindergarten preparation class! The alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes will be introduced. Also, a fun craft will be made each week. The instructor will not change diapers. Please bring your own nut-free snack each day.
Activity          Day      Date            Time                              R/NR
11020-A2       TU       7/7-7/28        9:30-11:30am                $57/$62


Kiddie Kollege

LCC (Room 5) Entry C
This class will prepare your child for Preschool by presenting the basics. We will introduce the alphabet, colors, numbers and seasons. Each week there will be a special theme, color and a new rhyme! The instructor will not change diapers. Please bring your own nut-free snack each day.
Activity          Day      Date             Time                              R/NR
11253-A2       TH        7/9-7/30        9:30-11:30am                $57/$62

Sticky Paws

Ages 2½-5
LCC (Room 3) Entry C
All children are creative if given the opportunity to develop. If your child loves creating things with their hands, then this is the class to join! Construct a little bit of everything with all different types of supplies. Children are encouraged to use their imaginations as they explore and investigate activities using art. Combine with Alpha Buddies for a longer day.
Activity          Day      Date                 Time                          R/NR
10573-A2       F          7/10-7/31          9:00-10:30am            $44/$49


Alpha Buddies

Ages 2½-5
LCC (Room 3) Entry C
Class is designed to teach letter recognition and letter sound in a fun and exciting environment! Each activity done in class will target different types of learners with engaging and wacky ways to learn the letters of the alphabet. Combine with Sticky Paws for a longer day.
Activity          Day      Date                 Time                                    R/NR
11577-A2       F          7/10-7/31          10:30am-12:00pm               $48/$53


Curious Counters

Ages 3-5                                   
LCC (Room 4) Entry C
Science and math all in one class! The curriculum will alternate between science concepts and math skills. Children learn math best by engaging in dynamic, hands-on games and science projects. They love to ask questions and play games that involve the many aspects of math. From sorting to sizing and doing comparisons, this class will continue to build on those early math and science skills.
Activity          Day      Date                Time                          R/NR
11010-A2       M         7/6-7/27           12:45-2:15pm            $49/$54


Princess Adventures

Ages 3-5
LCC (Room 5) Entry C
Have your little princess come dressed in their favorite princess outfit! We will read a different princess story each week, play princess games and make an art project. A princess tea party will be held on the last day of class.
Activity          Day      Date            Time                          R/NR
10572-A2       TU       7/7-7/28        Noon-1:15pm          $43/$48


Summer Scholars

Ages 3-5                                     
LCC (Room 4) Entry C
Let’s keep those pre-kindergarten skills sharp! The emphasis in this class is on academics. We will work on writing, phonics, math, literature and science in a fun classroom atmosphere that encourages children to learn, develop independence and sharpen their creative thinking skills. Please bring your own nut-free snack each day.
Activity          Day      Date             Time                          R/NR
10017-A2       TH        7/9-7/30        1:00-3:00pm             $57/$62


Pint-Sized Art & Science

Ages 3-6
LCC (Room 4) Entry C
Preschoolers are scientists! They learn about the world by observing and experimenting. This class will help children discover the what’s, where’s and why’s through age-appropriate experiments and sensory exploration.
Activity          Day      Date             Time                          R/NR
13571-A2       TH        7/9-7/30        9:15-10:30am            $52/$57



Ages 4-5
LCC (Room 4) Entry C
If your child is starting Kindergarten this fall, then this class is for them! We will be reviewing the concepts learned in Preschool and begin to introduce some basic Kindergarten skills. This class provides an excellent bridge between Preschool and Kindergarten while having some summertime fun.
Activity          Day      Date            Time                          R/NR
11252-A2       TU       7/7-7/28        9:15-10:45am            $49/$54


Cookin’ Up a Story

Ages 4-6
LCC (Room 4) Entry C
Each week, a popular character will be chosen from a classic children’s book. Your child will make a snack creation to go along with the character of the day. The class will conclude with reading a story about the special character while enjoying their finished food. Note any food allergies at time of registration.
Activity          Day      Date             Time                                 R/NR
19701-A2       TU       7/7-7/28        11:15am-12:30pm            $49/$54


Really Ready for Reading

Ages 6-7
LCC (Room 4) Entry C
This reading readiness program gives children the foundation to begin reading. Sight words, blending sounds and segmenting sounds will be covered.
Ages 6-7
Activity         Day      Date             Time                          R/NR
11580-A2       W         7/8-7/29        12:45-2:45pm           $61/$66


Critter Class

Ages 4-12
LCC (Bi-Centennial Room) Entry C          
Instructed by: Crosstown Exotics
This 4-week class offered by Crosstown Exotics is an introduction to the world’s most misunderstood creatures: reptiles, amphibians and bugs! We will teach the importance of these creatures to the environment as well as their natural history and how to take care of them as pets. Each class students will have the opportunity to photograph, touch and handle the animals. Some classes may take place outdoors, so dress accordingly. Open-toed shoes are prohibited.
Activity          Day      Date                 Time                         R/NR
17664-A1       TH        7/30-8/20          5:30-6:30pm             $49


Magic Class

Ages 5-12                      
LCC (Bi-Centennial Room) Entry C
Instructed by: Magic Team of Gary Kantor
Children are guaranteed to have a great time as they learn a collection of fascinating and mesmerizing tricks from the Magic Team of Gary Kantor! Amaze family and friends with tricks that involve cards, ropes, coins, mind-reading and more. All materials are provided and each child receives a magic kit to take home. Children are grouped by age and always learn tricks that are age-appropriate.
Activity         Day      Date        Time                         R/NR
11260-A1       W         7/15         5:00-5:55pm             $20


Mad Science

Ages 7-12
LCC (Room 4) Entry C
Your child will enjoy hands-on experiments with common and safe household items. They will be having so much fun that they won’t even realize how much they are learning. Dress for a mess in case any of our experiments splatter. Activities may include volcanoes, soluble messes and ooze crafts.
Activity          Day      Date               Time                                  R/NR
10137-A2       TH        7/9-7/30          11:00am-12:30pm             $49/$54


Culinary Chefs

Ages 7-12                         
LCC (Room 4) Entry C
Your little chef will learn the basics of cooking, kitchen safety, baking techniques and culinary terms. Each class will have a fun theme to help get your child excited about cooking and eating! Please bring an apron to class!
Activity          Day      Date             Time                        R/NR
10143-A2       TU       7/7-7/28        1:00-2:45pm            $62/$67