Children Programs

Program Requirements

  • Children must be the correct age by 9/1/20, unless otherwise specified. In order to provide your child with the best possible recreational and/or learning experience, all of our programs are planned according to the ages listed in our brochure.
  • Although your child may turn the correct age during a second session of a program, our age requirement date coincides with the school district’s date to assist with the fundamental growth of the child in the age appropriate programs and therefore would not be eligible for registration.
  • Classes are for child attending only, except for classes with an adult. Parents should not remain in the classroom or gymnasium after dropping off their child. This is in the child’s best interest, as continual interruptions tend to affect participant’s attention span and inhibit the establishment of peer relationships.
  • All children must be potty-trained, unless they are attending a class where an adult stays with them or otherwise stated in the class description. Diapers are not permitted in independent classes unless stated in the class description.
  • Please do not bring food to any class, unless previously arranged. For your children’s safety, all children enrolled in preschool-age programs must be picked up from the specific classroom or program site by their parents or designated guardian. No child will be released from the classroom to anyone other than these individuals.
  • A mandatory sign-in and sign-out procedure for all participants is required for all Park District Programs.
  • Classes that require a parent to attend with a child are shown with this icon:


Preschool Prep

Ages 2½-4
LCC (Bi-Centennial Room) Entry C
This is a great preparation class for children who want to attend school, but aren’t quite ready. The alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes will be introduced. Also, a fun craft will be made each week. Session 2 is a continuation of Session 1. The instructor will not change diapers. Please bring your own nut-free snack each day.
Activity     Day  Date            Time                 R/NR       Skip Dates
TU    9/15-10/13   9:45-11:45am   $79/$84
20132-A2  TU    10/20-12/1   9:45-11:45am   $88/$93  11/24


Kiddie Kollege

Ages 2½-4
LCC (Bi-Centennial Room) Entry C
This class will prepare your child for preschool by presenting the basics. We will introduce the alphabet, colors, numbers and seasons. Each week there will be a special theme, color and a new rhyme! The instructor will not change diapers. Please bring your own nut-free snack each day.
Activity     Day  Date            Time                  R/NR       Skip Dates

21253-A2  TU    10/20-12/1   12:15-2:15pm   $79/$84    11/3 & 11/24
21253-A3  W      9/16-10/14  9:45-11:45am    $79/$84


Parent & Tot Craft Time

Ages 2½-5
LCC (Room 4) Entry C
Spend time creating, learning and bonding with your child while making a special-themed craft. One of the most important benefits families gain from art and crafts is quality time. Years from now, it won’t matter what you created, just that you did it together.
Activity     Day   Date     Time                 R/NR       Skip Dates
20361-A2  W      11/4      6:30-7:45pm    $22/$27
W      12/2      6:30-7:45pm    $22/$27

I Speak Spanish! –
Spanish for Kids                 

Ages 3-5
LCC (Bi-Centennial Room) Entry C Instructed by: Language in Action, Inc.
Expand your child’s world! Introduce your child to the Spanish language in this Spanish immersion class developed especially for very young learners. Children will be immersed in the Spanish language through fun and educational activities and music. Each session covers new and exciting material!
Activity     Day   Date          Time                 R/NR       Skip Dates
TH     10/22-12/3 2:45-3:30pm     $86         11/26

Critter Class

Ages 4-12
LCC (Bi-Centennial Room) Entry C
This 4-week class offered by Crosstown Exotics is an introduction to the World’s most misunderstood creatures, reptiles, amphibians and bugs! We will teach the importance of these creatures to the environment as well as their natural history and how to take care of them as pets. Each class students will have the opportunity to photograph, touch and handle the animals. Some classes may take place outdoors, so dress accordingly. No open-toed shoes.
Activity     Day   Date           Time               R/NR       Skip Date
TH    12/3-1/14    5:30-6:30pm   $49          12/24


Make Your Own Christmas Tree Piñata

Ages 4-9
Administration Building (All-Purpose Room) Instructed by: Language in Action, Inc.
Celebrate a Latin American Christmas tradition by making your very own Christmas tree piñata! Children will learn Spanish words, sing Christmas carols in Spanish, and learn about Christmas traditions in Latin America. All supplies are provided.
Activity      Day   Date    Time               R/NR
TU     12/8     5:00-6:30PM  $23


Magic Class

Ages 5-12
Administration Building (All-Purpose Room) Instructed by: Magic Team of Gary Kantor
Children will have a great time learning a collection of fascinating and mesmerizing tricks from the “Magic Team of Gary Kantor”! They will amaze family and friends with tricks that involve cards, ropes, coins, mind-reading and more. All materials are provided and each child receives a magic kit to take home. Children are grouped by age and learn tricks that are age-appropriate. Additionally, you can sign up for multiple classes since brand new tricks are taught at each session!
Activity      Day  Date    Time              R/NR
 TH    10/15   6:45-7:40pm  $20
21260-A2    M     12/7     5:00-5:55pm  $20


Horseback Riding

Ages 6 & Older
Learning to horseback ride can be fun for all ages. Nova Quarter Horses, Inc. offers beginner, intermediate and advanced riding levels in both English and Western disciplines. Whether you are new to the sport of horseback riding, rode years ago or always wanted to learn to ride, now is your chance. We have qualified instructors that teach with passion and enthusiasm and encourage our students to be safe and have fun with the proper instruction for riding a horse. We offer both an indoor and outdoor arena, so Nova is able to offer lessons year-round. A five-lesson card includes 5 individual one-hour lessons within a qualified instructor in a group format. Long pants and hard soled or gym shoes are required. Once your lesson card is purchased, call the stable to arrange classes at (708) 479-3696.
Activity     R/NR
Location: Nova Quarter Horses, Inc.
10129 W. 187th Street, Mokena


Mini Chefs

Ages 3-6
LCC (Kitchen) Entry C
Exposing kids to the kitchen early helps to form healthy habits and teach them valuable lessons like following directions, reading, math and science. Recipes will focus on prepping and assembling meals with fun twists! Each child will take home their own cookbook of recipes, too. Please bring an apron to class. Note: Session 2 is a repeat of session 1 with light seasonal changes.
Activity      Day  Date          Time              R/NR       Skip Dates
20019-A2    M    11/2-11/30  5:00-6:00pm $67/$72    11/23


Junior Chefs

Ages 7-11
LCC (Kitchen) Entry C
Kids who start cooking at a younger age are 50% more likely to make meals from scratch as they grow up. Cooking also teaches kids valuable lessons like following directions, reading, math, science and problem-solving. Recipes will include a twist on favorites as well as ethnic recipes to encourage us to have more adventurous taste buds. Note: Session 2 is a repeat of Session 1 with light seasonal changes.Please bring an apron to class!
Activity      Day  Date          Time              R/NR       Skip Dates
28540-A2    M    11/2-11/30  6:30-7:45pm  $69/$74    11/23


Rising Star Musical Theater

Ages 6-11
LCC (Room 1) Entry C
Explore your dramatic and creative side while learning theatrical terms, musical concepts and basic dance steps. Students will learn acting warm ups, improv games and how to make props. They will also prepare a short performance of a popular musical such as “Aladdin”, “Wizard of Oz” or “Alice in Wonderland” to be given during the final class. The final class on Tuesday, October 20 will be held at the Lions Community Center, Room 1 for family and friends to attend.
Activity     Day  Date         Time                R/NR
TU    9/8-10/20  6:45-7:45pm    $104


Let’s Build It – Robotics: Might Machines!

Ages 5-11
LCC (Room 4) Entry C
Instructed by: Afterschool Enrichment Solutions
Enter into the fascinating world of robotics. In this exciting STEAM program, students will design, build and test their very own robots under the guidance of an experienced AES instructor. Projects include remote control cars, claws, cranes, crawlers and battle bots. Educational components include gear ratios, mechanical design, electronics and robotics engineering. No previous experience is necessary – just a desire to have fun, build and learn. Each student will receive an award on the last day of the session, and have the opportunity to earn Energy Belts to demonstrate their learned skills!
Activity      Day    Date          Time                R/NR    Skip Date
TU     10/6-12/1     5:30-6:30pm   $156    11/24