Park Rentals

Are you looking for a wonderful and affordable way to host your next outdoor celebration? Look no further…

The New Lenox Community Park District offers shelter rentals at several park sites, all of which are developed with playground equipment! New Lenox Community Park District residents and nonresidents have the opportunity to rent the Park Shelters shown below. 
Rentals began Tuesday, January 2, 2024.

Parks Available to Rent:

Park Name Location of Park Shelter Size/Seating
Cherry Hill (No Alcohol or Inflatables) Washington & Kingston Drive 24 ft X 36 ft/ Seating for 32
Firefighters 1 Manor Drive 30ft X 60 ft/ Seating for 64
Haines Wayside Haines Ave; West of Cedar 30 ft X 60 ft/ Seating for 80
Leigh Creek South
(No alcohol or inflatables)
Heatherglen Drive 24 ft. x 36 ft./ Seating for 40
Sharon’s Bay Bluestone Bay & Westwind Drive 24 ft X 36 ft/ Seating for 40
Stonebridge (After 2:00pm on weekends) Nelson & Grandview Drive 30 ft X 55 ft/ Seating for 48
Wildflower Washington & Cherry Hill Road 20 ft X 20 ft/ Seating for 24

Resident: $175  / Nonresident: $225
A refundable security deposit of $250 and the rental fee is required for all Park Shelter Rentals at the time of reservation

Park Shelter Rental costs include use of electric and shelter rental. Please remember that these are public parks and open space will remain open to the public. In order to be approved to bring in an inflatable (no water inflatables allowed) onto Park District property; you MUST supply a Certificate of Insurance (COI) by Operating Vendor with a $1,000,000 policy; naming the New Lenox Community Park District as additional insured with 701 W. Haven Avenue, New Lenox, IL 60451 as the address and include a copy of the vendor’s permit to conduct business. Once the COI and Business Permit are received, only then will the renter be allowed to have the inflatable on Park District property; this MUST be supplied prior to your event. These documents may be mailed to the Park District address above or faxed to (815) 485-3589.

  • Park Rentals are available from Apr. 15-Oct. 31
  • Hours of Operation: 9:00am-8:00pm
  • All parks are ADA accessible
  • Rental fee and a refundable Security Deposit of $250 are required for all Park Shelter Rentals at time of reservation.

Cancellation policy within the 14-day period prior to the rental date:

  • 8-14 days prior: Security deposit is retained. The rest will be refunded within a period of 30 days.
  • 7 days or less: Security deposit plus 50% of the rental fees will be retained. The other 50% will be refunded to the signee within a period of 30 days.