Park Policies


NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN: (1) once a program begins unless a replacement is found; (2) on material fees unless we cancel a program; (3) on bus trips; or (4) for Special Events or one-day programs. A full refund is issued if we cancel a program or trip.
• When a participant cancels out of a program, a full refund, LESS a $5 Service Charge (per program); will be granted. A $5 service charge will also be assessed on all program transfers. These requests will only be honored if the request is submitted THREE BUSINESS DAYS prior to the start of the program or activity.
• All refunds less than $10 will be applied as a credit to the customer’s account.
• A $30 NSF fee will be added for all returned checks.
• Every effort will be made to process refunds within 30 days, but in some instances it may take longer.
• We are not able to credit back your charge card purchases.


Staff reserves the right to consolidate, postpone, reschedule or cancel any program due to change in day, dates, times, instructor, or insufficient enrollment.
For cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances
(i.e. inclement weather, facility emergencies or scheduling conflicts), which are announced by the Lincoln-Way District #210 or New Lenox School District #122 at facilities where Park District programs are scheduled, Park District programming will be cancelled as well. All attempts will be made to reschedule cancelled classes. However, the New Lenox Community Park District is sometimes unable to accommodate make-up classes and will not refund money in such instances.


Participants are expected to exhibit appropriate behavior at all times. The following guidelines have been developed to help make Park District programs safe and enjoyable for all participants. Additional rules may be developed for particular programs and athletic leagues as deemed necessary by staff.
• Show respect to participants and staff; take direction from staff.
• Refrain from using abusive or foul language, or from causing bodily harm to self, other participants, or staff.
• Show respect to equipment, supplies, and facilities. The New Lenox Community Park District reserves the right to terminate a party’s participation in a Park District program due to that party’s disruptive behavior or conduct.


Our seasonal program guides are distributed inside the New Lenox Patriot Newspaper. This free newspaper for New Lenox residents only can be subscribed to by visiting For park district residents outside of New Lenox, the Park District relies on the postal service for distribution of our program guides. The Park District assumes no responsibility for delivery. Please contact us at (815) 485-3584 if you do not receive your catalog.


A mandatory sign-in and sign-out procedure is required for all participants enrolled in any Park District program. Children must be accompanied by an adult when being escorted to and from class.


The New Lenox Community Park District is unable to assume responsibility for injuries, accidents or loss of personal property occurring during programs or activities, in parks or facilities. Such insurance would make programs and user fees prohibitive. It is recommended that participants make provisions to provide this coverage through their family insurance program.


If you are (1) a New Lenox resident and (2) cannot participate for financial reasons, you may be eligible for financial aid. Please contact the Park District’s Director of Recreation at (815) 485-3584 for an interview after completing the Financial Aid Application. All required documentation must be submitted with the completed application. Please note that the maximum household scholarship benefit is $1,000 per year.


We are pleased to offer a military discount for those who qualify. Please contact 815.485.3584 for further information and details.

Military Discount Program-Requirements

  • Program Fees will be reduced by the following for all qualifying New Lenox Community Park District military residents/households
  • 50% for NLCPD military residents who are deployed (active combat or an emergency situation) and dependents*
  • 25% for NLCPD non-active military residents**
  • An application for the Military Fee Discount Program is mandatory (see attached application). An applicant must show a valid military ID card and drivers license. A copy will be attached to the application and kept on file for one year, after that time a new application must be filled out and approved. Click here for application.
  • An applicant will be able to register for programs at the discounted fee. If the application is denied, the discounted fee must be paid with-in three business days of being contacted. Applicants will be contacted within one (1) week of the application date if denied.
  • Discounts are to be granted for one (1) year increments only, with residents eligible for renewal of the waivers on an annual basis. The following guidelines will assist us in determining military eligibility discounts.
  • Active: White I.D. Card and Peach Dependent I.D. Card, 50% discount
  • Non-Active: Red, Blue, or Peach I.D. Card, 25% discount