Room Rentals

Rentals are available to both New Lenox residents and nonresidents. Participants are able to bring their own food and beverages. Alcohol is NOT Permitted.

Room 1 Holds up to 130 people ($100/hour)
Room 2 Holds up to 50 people ($80/hour)
Rooms 1 & 2 Holds 180 people w/o dance floor ($125/hour)
Bi-Centennial Room Holds up to 50 people ($80/hour)
All-Purpose Room Holds up to 60 people ($100/hour)
$250 security deposit is required to reserve your date.
Each room rental is required to pay a set-up and tear-down fee of $30.(If renting LCC Rooms 1 & 2, fee will be $55).
Nonresident Fee: Additional $50 will be added to the total cost of the Room Rental.

Cancellation policy within the 14 day period prior to the rental date:

  • 8-14 days prior: Security deposit is retained. The rest will be refunded within a period of 30 days
  • 7 days or less: Security deposit plus 50% of the rental fees will be retained. The other 50% will be refunded to the signee within a period of 30 days.