Flag Football League

Flag Football League

Grades K-8 (2021-2022 School Year)
Walker Country Estates Park
Flag Football is melded with valuable football lessons such as fair play and teamwork. Weeknight practices will focus on basic skills and game development. The Flag Football League consists of 5-on-5 games with players wearing flag belts that must be snatched by the opponent to record a “tackle.” Mouth guards will not be provided but are required to participate. They will be sold at the concession stand. This program cannot run without the help from our Volunteer coaches, so consider helping this season! There is a mandatory virtual coaches’ meeting on Wednesday, July 21. All coaches must attend. Coaches will be required to submit a state-mandated background check.

Games begin Saturday, August 21 and end Saturday, October 9 (Skip 9/4).  Early start times and Sunday games may be scheduled if needed for make-ups.

Registration Information:

  • Registration begins Monday, May 10.
  • Registration can be taken online at newlenoxparks.org or at the Administration Building, 701 W. Haven Avenue.
  • Late registration begins Monday, June 21 with a non-refundable $50 added fee per participant.
  • Registration is not guaranteed as this league can reach a maximum.

Volunteer Information:

  • A volunteer fee of $15 will be added to your total.
  • Each family will be required to volunteer for at least one hour during the season. When this has been completed, you will receive a $15 credit to your household account.
  • League structure may be changed due to COVID-19 guidelines.


Activity Division Grades R/NR
72230-A1  Tike K  $103/$123
72230-A2  Pee-Wee 1-2 $111/$131
72230-A3   Youth 3-4 $111/$131
72230-A4 Junior 5-6 $111/$131
72230-A5 Teen 7-8 $126/$146

*Fee includes jersey.  ($15 volunteer fee is not included in the above fees)