Teen Programs

Computer Coding Mini-Camps

Administration Building (All-Purpose Room)
Instructed by: Code Red Academy

Coding with Roblox®

Ages 10-13
Roblox® is a very popular multiplayer online game for kids! Roblox® is a great place to start for new game designers. In our mini-camp, children will learn to create their own game in Roblox®. Students will learn both the basics of 3D game development and fundamental programming concepts using the Lua programming language. It’s a simple coding language with a straightforward editor. Our helpful staff will make sure it’s a great experience. This camp is designed for beginner students who are interested in both programming and game development.
Days/Time: Mon.-Thurs., Noon-1:30pm
ACTV#11124-A1 June 24-June 27
Fee: $98 R/NR

App Development – There must be an app for that!

Ages 8-13
We have all heard this saying, “there must be an app for that!” Understanding the basics of app creation is an essential talent that can start at a young age. Let us help your child by teaching them to create fun and simple apps that work on computers and gadgets like iPads and Android tablets. They will use a special set of commands that are written in JavaScript, one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Commands are easy to type and easy to understand for beginners. As kids progress, they’re introduced to more “raw” JavaScript syntax (vocabulary and grammar). During this week, kids learn to program by starting with existing apps, remixing them and making them their own.
Days/Time: Mon.-Thurs., 2:00pm-3:30pm
ACTV#11254-A1 June 24-June 27
Fee: $98 R/NR

Snack Food Olympics

Ages 8-12
LCC (Rooms 1 &2) Entry C
Test your skills using everyday snack food items in our first ever Snack Food Olympics. Do you have what it takes to win Whopper Relay, Oreo Cookie Curling, a Doritos Taste Test, M&M Challenge and Popcorn Toss? Enjoy a night of friendly competition and compete to win a medal in the first every Snack Food Olympics. Drinks will be available and we will provide all the snack food items for competition. Registration deadline is Friday, July 12.
ACTV#14227-A1 Fri., July 19, 7:00pm-9:00pm
Fee: $26 R/NR

Maggie Daley Day

Ages 11-15
Chicago, IL
Join us as we head to Maggie Daley Park and spend our time rock climbing and mini golfing. Please bring a sack lunch, otherwise bring money for lunch and we’ll head to a nearby restaurant for a meal. Registration deadline is Friday, June 14.
ACTV#14661-A1 Wed., June 26
Departure: 9:30am (LCC)
Return: 4:30pm (Approximately)
Fee: $41 R/NR (Fee includes rock climbing and equipment, mini golf and transportation)

IPRA Teen Camp Challenge

Ages 11-15
Westmont, IL
Join the competition against other teen teams from across Illinois. There will be six different mini competitions that we will compete in. At the end of the day the team with the most points wins! So, get off the couch, step outside and enjoy the friendly games. Please bring a lunch, water and sunscreen. Wear socks and gym shoes and dress for the weather as this is an outside event. On our way home we will stop for an ice cream treat! Registration deadline is Friday, July 5.   Use Coupon code: FIFTY to receive $5 off
ACTV#16140-A1 Wed., July 17
Departure: 8:45am (LCC)
Return: 2:30pm (Approximately)
Fee: $21 R/NR (Fee includes transportation, T-shirt and ice cream)

Drop-In Open Gym

Ages 12 & Older
Lincoln-Way West High School Field House
Get off the couch and join the crowd! Ages 12-17 must submit a signed Parent Permission Slip to participate. Patrons 18 and older must follow drop-in procedures and show a valid picture ID. Check newlenoxparks.org for updated times and dates. Additional skip days are added at the discretion of District 210.
Day/Time: Tues., 6:00pm-9:00pm
Dates: June 18-Aug. 27 (Skip 6/25 & 7/2)
Fee: $5/LWR per Night • $10/NR per night (pay at door)