Teen Programs

Friends Trivia

Ages 9-13
Administration Building (All-Purpose Room)
Do you and your friends have what it takes to take on other teams in Friends trivia? Have you binged watched old episodes and know the title of the theme song? Or, what are Ross and Monica’s parents’ names? If you think you have what it takes, grab three other friends and see who knows Friends the best! The winner will be crowned FRIENDS experts.
Activity       Day    Date     Time          R/NR  
36224-A1     W       4/1       7:00pm       $40 per team of 4


Drop-In High School Open Gym

Ages 14-18
Lincoln-Way West High School Field House
Get your friends together to enjoy a fun night with an open court. Stop by and start your own game of badminton, basketball or volleyball. Get off the couch and join the crowd. In order to participate, a parent must complete the Parent Permission Slip, no exceptions will be made! This can found on our website or at either Lincoln West or Central Field House, during NLCPD hours. Patrons that are 18 years old must follow drop-in procedures and show a valid picture ID. Check newlenoxparks.org for updated drop-in times and dates. Additional skip days are added at the discretion of District 210. Pay at the door.
Activity       Day    Date            Time                   LWR/NR
35531-A1     F        1/10-5/22     7:00-9:00pm      $5/$10 per night
Skip Dates: 2/21, 4/10, 5/1


3-on-3 Spring Break Basketball Tournament

Ages 14-18
Lincoln-Way West High School Field House
Join us this Spring Break for this 3-on-3 basketball tournament! Saturday will consist of pool play games which will decide the seeds for Sunday’s single elimination tournament! Games are played to 21 points and scored by 2’s and 3’s. There are unlimited substitutions and the roster limit is 9 players. All players must present a High School ID at check-in to be eligible. Prizes will be awarded to the top two teams of the tournament. Rules and tournament details will be emailed to the captains prior to the tournament. Registration deadline is Wednesday, March 18.
Activity       Day          Date           Time                          R/NR
36222-A1     SA-SU     4/4-4/5        9:00am Check-In      $50 per team