Park News & Maintenance

Park District Ponds

All Park District ponds are in the process of being treated for algaecide.

Freedom Park

Over the last few weeks, grounds staff has noticed what they call a “kill fish” in the Freedom Park pond. This is a natural process that happens every year. Staff is checking the pond daily to remove any dead fish. There are still plenty of fish in the pond.

Hibernia Park

Check the Hibernia page for details of current construction. 

Staff will be spraying poison ivy that is growing on the south side of the pond near the drainage area.

Leigh Creek South Park

Coming soon! We-Go Accessible Swing! 

Lions Den Park

Parking areas and walking path temporarily closed for maintenance

Palmer Valley Park

Parking lot is temporarily closed for renovation.

Royal Meadows Park

Now has port-a-johns

Sharon’s Bay Park

The walking path around the pond is NOW OPEN

Sky Harbor Park

Now has port-a-johns