Birth-Tot Programs


Ages Birth-5
Simply Music and Creative Arts Studio
13919 E. Illinois Highway, New Lenox

Imagine a place where you can reconnect with your child and make new friends. A place where you can rock gently to a lullaby, dance to a jazzy beat, explore new instruments and sign songs from different cultures and traditions. And each one of these creative musical activities stimulate your young child’s growing brain and help your child thrive. You won’t want to miss out on this perfect way to capture the fleeting moments of your childhood wonder.

Level 1
Ages Birth-2 (Non-Walkers) with Caregiver
An early start is the best start! Whether you have a newborn or a walker, nurture your heart-to-heart bond with your child and delight in how your child responds to music as you play instruments, sing, make new friends, cuddle and dance together.

Activity Day Date Times  R/NR
20311-A1 TH 10/6-10/27 10:10-10:55am $84/$89
20311-A2 S 10/8-10/29 9:00-9:45am $84/$89

Level 2
Ages 2-3 with Caregiver
Fall in love with all the ways you can foster your toddler’s love of music while also rediscovering the joys of childhood through their eyes as you play, giggle, dance, pretend, sing and explore instruments together.

Activity Day Date Times  R/NR
20312-A1 W 10/5-10/26 10:00-10:45am $84/$89
20312-A2 TH 10/6-10/27 9:15-10:00am $84/$89
20312-A3 S 10/8-10/29 10:00-10:45am $84/$89

Level 3
Ages Birth-4 with Caregiver
We know that planning outings with little ones can be tough… So why not bring the whole family? During our Kindermusik Mixed- Age class, you can leave the planning to our fabulous team of Kindermusik instructors so you can simply enjoy singing, dancing and, of course, learning with your family!

Activity Day Date Times  R/NR
20574-A1 W 10/5-10/26 9:00-9:45am $84/$89
20574-A2 TH 10/6-10/27 11:05-11:55am $84/$89
20574-A3 TH 10/6-10/27 12:30-1:15pm $84/$89