Birth-Tot Programs


Ages Birth-4
Imagine a place where you can reconnect with your child and make new friends. A place where you can rock gently to a lullaby, dance to a jazzy beat, explore new instruments and sing songs from different cultures and traditions. Each one of these creative musical activities stimulate your young child’s growing brain and help your child thrive. You won’t want to miss out on this perfect way to capture the fleeting moments of childhood wonder.

Level 1

Ages Birth-2 (Non-Walkers) With Caregiver
An early start is the best start! Whether you have a newborn or a walker, nurture your heart-to-heart bond with your child and delight in how your child responds to music as you play instruments, sing, make new friends, cuddle and dance together.

Activity Day Date Times  R/NR
20311-A2  W 10/6-10/27 10:10-10:55am $84/$89
20311-A3  TH 10/7-10/28 10:10-10:55am $84/$89

Level 2  

Ages 2-3 With Caregiver
Fall in love with all the ways you can foster your toddler’s love of music while also rediscovering the joys of childhood through their eyes as you play, giggle, dance, pretend, sing and explore instruments together.

Activity Day Date Times  R/NR
20312-A2 W 10/6-10/27 9:15-10:00am $84/$89

Level 3

Ages 3-4 Caregiver attends last 10 minutes of class
Your preschooler is ready for activities that tap into your child’s creative spirit, boundless energy, and natural love of music. You’ll be amazed at how much your child will grow and learn through listening, singing, storytelling, literacy, instruments, and pretend play activities. We like to call it a “pre-orchestra” class. The perfect accompaniment for preschool!

Activity Day Date Times  R/NR
20574-A2  TH 10/7-10/28  11:05-11:50am $84/$89
Location:      Simply Music and Creative Arts Studio
3919 E. Illinois Highway, New Leno
(Across from Tyler-Bentley Elementary Schools

Wiggles & Giggles

Ages Birth-4
LCC (Room 1) Entry C
You and your toddler(s) will spend a fun hour together playing under a parachute, crawling through obstacles, singing songs, and working on art projects. Infants are also allowed in the class to watch the fun so no need to find a babysitter. Price is for up to two children only. Third child will be an additional $10 R/NR.

Activity Day Date Times  R/NR Skip Dates
20128-A1 M 9/13-10/18 9:30-10:30am $62/$67 10/11
20128-A2  M 10/25-11/29 9:30-10:30am $62/$67 11/22
20128-A3  M 9/13-10/18 10:45-11:45am $62/$67 10/11
20128-A4  M 10/25-11/29 10:45-11:45am $62/$67 11/22

Play School with Me

Ages 2-3
LCC (Room 1) Entry C
Come and enjoy a special hour with your child. Each week, your children will have fun learning nursery rhymes, finger plays, singing songs and doing a craft with you, while preparing for a more structured Preschool. When your child is having fun, they are learning! Register for “On My Own” afterwards to get kids used to being on their own!

Activity Day Date Times  R/NR Skip Dates
20126-A2  F 10/22-12/3 9:20-10:20am $72/$77 11/26

On My Own

Ages 2½-3
LCC (Room 1) Entry C
This class will help ease separation fears and encourage independence for your child. Children will have fun playing in a semi-structured environment with a variety of toys and creative arts. Your child will experience a wide variety of activities while encouraging development of their listening, sharing and large and fine motor skills. Instructor will not change diapers.

Activity Day Date Times  R/NR Skip Dates
20124-A2   F 10/22-12/3 10:30-11:45am $82/$87 11/26

Parent & Tot Craft Time

Ages 2½-5
LCC (Room 3) Entry C
Spend time creating, learning and bonding with your child while making a special-themed craft. One of the most important benefits families gain from art and crafts is quality time. Years from now, it won’t matter what you created, just that you did it together.

Activity Day Date Time  R/NR
20361-A1  W 11/3 6:30-7:45pm $24/$29
20361-A2  W 12/1 6:30-7:45pm $24/$29