Children’s Athletics

T-Ball Time

Ages 3-4
Haines Wayside Park
T-Ball Time will feature parent/child introduction to T-Ball basics such as base running, field positions, batting and sportsmanship. This class will include a lot of repetitive drills to introduce the kids to the game. Adults must participate with children each week. Please bring a water bottle and mitt to class. Sign up your little slugger today!
Activity      Day  Date          Time                R/NR
20141-A1    W     9/9-9/30     5:00-6:00pm   $42/$47
20141-A2    M     9/14-10/5    5:00-6:00pm   $42/$47

T-Ball 101

Ages 5-8
Haines Wayside Park
Introduce your little slugger to the game of T-Ball! Build on basic skills previously learned in T-Ball Time such as base running, field positions, batting and sportsmanship. This class will go through repetitive drills to introduce the kids to new skills and lead up to a T-Ball game. Please bring a water bottle and mitt to class.
Activity      Day  Date           Time                R/NR
W      9/9-9/30      6:00-7:00pm   $42/$47


Flag Football 101

Ages 5-8
Haines Wayside Park
Is your little Tike the next star for the Chicago Bears? It starts here with learning the fundamentals in Flag Football! Class will consist of drills and games that introduce new and improve current fundamentals. Players will learn how to properly throw, catch and run with the football. Players will also learn offensive and defensive concepts. Please bring a water bottle to class.
Activity      Day  Date             Time                R/NR
M      9/14-10/5      6:00-7:00pm   $42/$47

Lincoln-Way Area Youth Tennis

Ages 5-10
Countryview/Royal Meadows Park
Junior tennis has a whole new attitude. Certified USPTA Professional Cindy Heidkamp and her staff will work with players of every skill level of player. Students will learn the sport of tennis using age and skill-appropriate racquets, nets and tennis balls. Every player will learn the basics including grips, groundstrokes, volleys and serves. Students will also be taught areas of the court, rules of the game and scoring. Loaner racquets will be available at each class.
Ages 5-7
Activity      Day  Date           Time                  R/NR
SU   9/13-10/11  10:00-11:00am  $60

Ages 8-10
Activity      Day  Date           Time                  R/NR
SU    9/13-10/11  11:00am-Noon   $60

Ages 11-14
Activity      Day   Date           Time                  R/NR
SU     9/13-10/11  11:00am-Noon  $60


Pre-Season Fall Basketball

Ages 6-13
Spencer Park Basketball Court
This fall league will give your child the opportunity to improve his/ her skills before moving to the Recreational Basketball League. This league is designed for the player that just wants to get out and play. Each week a basic skill will be taught and then games will be played. This is meant to be a learning opportunity mixed with game play.
Ages 6-9
Activity      Day  Date            Time              R/NR
W     10/7-10/28   6:30-7:30pm  $42/$47

Ages 10-13
Activity      Day  Date            Time              R/NR
W     10/7-10/28   7:30-8:30pm  $42/$47


Archery Class

Ages 8-17
Staff at BowDoc Archery are USA Archery certified coaches. All levels of shooters from total beginners to world class competitors are welcome. BowDoc Archery will supply all of the equipment necessary for class.
Activity      Day  Date           Time               R/NR
22341-A2   TU   12/1-12/22   7:00-8:00pm   $75

Location: BowDoc Archery
18815 Wolf Road, Unit 4, Mokena


Ultimate Beginner Volleyball Class

Ages 6-13
Lions Den Sand Volleyball Court
This program is open to all boys and girls who are beginners and those who want to review fundamental skills. Instruction will cover passing, setting, serving, spiking, team play and rules of the game. Skills will be broken down into simple steps and give players maximum ball contact. Games will be played every session, too!

Ages 10-13
Activity      Day      Date            Time               R/NR
M         9/14-10/19   6:30-7:30pm  $69


Rookie Rugby

Ages 6-8
Lincoln-Way Central High School Field House
Rugby continues to grow in popularity and is expanding to include first, second and third graders. Rookie Rugby is a non-contact program that will introduce rugby skills through fun activities and games. The program will be taught by USA Rugby certified coaches from the South Suburban Rugby Club and will be fast-paced and involve lots of running, passing, decision-making and teamwork.
Activity      Day    Date           Time                   R/NR  Skip Dates
TH      11/5-12/10   6:15-7:15pm      $52     11/26


Rugby 101

Ages 9-13
Lincoln-Way Central High School Field House
Rugby is one of the fastest growing youth sports in America. Rugby 101 is a non-contact program that will teach new and experienced players the fundamentals of the game while focusing on skills development and game simulations. This is a fun and fast-paced program taught by USA Rugby certified coaches from the South Suburban Rugby Club.
Activity      Day  Date             Time                 R/NR  Skip Dates
TH    11/5-12/10    7:15-8:15pm     $52     11/26


Youth Online Esports Leagues

Ages 10-13
Test your skills and compete in these Esports Leagues! Gamers will play in at least two matches to warm-up, then they will compete in a single elimination tournament. Winners for each bracket will receive a prize! To participate, players must have the correct video game, gaming device and access to online play. Players will set up game times on the Discord™ communication app. Approximately two games will be played per week.
Madden 21™
Activity      Start Date  R/NR
10/5           $10

NBA 2K21™
Activity      Start Date  R/NR
11/2            $10


Kids First Basketball Fundamentals

Ages 5-12
Lions Den Park
Let’s hoop it up! This basketball program focuses on fundamentals, basketball games and game preparation. Players will learn new basketball skills and safety techniques to make them game ready.

Ages 5-6
Activity     Day  Date           Time              R/NR
SA    9/12-10/10  2:00-3:00pm  $89

Ages 7-12
Activity      Day   Date           Time              R/NR
SA     9/12-10/10  2:00-3:00pm  $89

Kids First Track & Field

Ages 5-12
Lions Den Park
Coaches will focus on teaching outdoor/indoor sprints, hurdles, jumps, running and throws in a safe and fundamental way. The program consists of body balance techniques such as speed, quickness and agility drills and producing a quicker and safer, more powerful performer. A series of team relay races makes Indoor Track & Field fun and entertaining. The program concludes with an event Championship Series. Speed and quickness training will translate to many other sports as well.
Ages 5-6
Activity     Day   Date           Time               R/NR
SA     9/12-10/10  1:00-2:00pm   $89

Ages 7-12
Activity     Day   Date            Time              R/NR
SA     9/12-10/10   1:00-2:00pm  $89

Kids First Soccer Fundamentals

Ages 5-12
Walker Country Estates Park
See the Goal! This soccer program teaches fundamentals that all players need to understand when kicking the ball. This prepares kids how to play the game! Coaches will demonstrate ball handling, goalie positioning, first step directional movements, kicking, player positioning, and how to play the game with fundamentals. This program is ideal for beginners to advanced players that will enjoy learning through fun team competitive soccer drills. A championship game will conclude the program.
Ages 5-6
Activity     Day   Date          Time              R/NR
TH    9/10-10/8   6:00-7:00pm  $89

Ages 7-12
Activity     Day  Date          Time              R/NR
TH   9/10-10/8   7:30-8:00pm  $89


Kids First Blast Ball

Ages 4-6
Lions Den Park
Batter up! Blast Ball is an introduction to baseball. The game is very safe as it is played with a soft bat and ball so no glove is needed. Each player bats once an inning and no scores are kept. Blast Ball consists of one base and it makes a “honking” noise when a player steps on it. Major League Baseball recognizes Blast Ball as part of its campaign to promote the resurgence of baseball at the grass-roots level.
Activity      Day   Date           Time                R/NR
SU     10/11-11/8  Noon-1:00pm  $89


Kids First Baseball Fundamentals

Ages 7-12
Lions Den Park
This baseball program prepares and challenges all players through fun and competitive drills to develop skills that will maximize your player’s potential. Players will experience drills in, batting, fielding, pitching and base running and throwing. Kids will be divided up into groups based on age and skill.
Activity       Day   Date           Time                R/NR
SU     10/11-11/8   1:00-2:00pm   $89