Virtual Cooking Programs

Prior to the start of each session, you will receive a list of ingredients and kitchen equipment needed emailed to with along with instructions on how to log into the session via Zoom.

Chinese Food

Age 16 & Older
Do you enjoy Chinese takeout? Leave the takeout menu in the drawer and join us to learn how to cook some of your favorites like fried rice, General Tso’s chicken and egg rolls!
Activity          Day       Date   Time                R/NR
17701-A1        TU        8/4      6:30-8:00pm   $13

Mini Chefs

Ages 3-5
Kids should be in the kitchen early to form healthy habits and teach valuable lessons like following directions, reading, math and science. Recipes will focus on prepping and assembling with fun cooking twists!

Bake Shop
Kids will create and learn how to make some yummy baked treats!
Activity          Day     Date   Time                R/NR
18541-A3        TH        8/13    5:30-6:30pm   $13


Teen Chefs

Ages 11-15
Learn to make a variety of food from different cultures. What a fun way to learn a new recipe to share with your family and friends.

Cake Decorating
Activity          Day     Date   Time                R/NR
17711-A3        M         8/17    6:30-8:00pm   $13