Virtual Children’s Athletics

Prior to the start of each session, you will receive an email with instructions on how to log into the session via Zoom.

Breakaway Basketball

Ages 6-13
Our focus will be on building confidence dribbling the basketball as well as incorporating some at home conditioning. Basketball is no fun if you struggle to dribble, and we want to make sure all our players are having fun. The skills we teach will be great, but the interaction of six Breakaway coaches in every class will be just as important. We want to be able to teach, inspire, motivate and most importantly connect with your children during these different times. All players will need a basketball and their own space.

Ages 6-9
Activity          Day                 Date              Time                R/NR
10334-A1        TU                  6/9-6/30         5:00-5:30pm   $40
10334-A2        TH                  6/11-7/2         5:00-5:30pm   $40
10334-A3        TU & TH         6/9-7/2           5:00-5:30pm   $80

Ages 10-13
Activity          Day                 Date              Time                R/NR
10334-A4        TU                  6/9-6/30         6:00-6:30pm   $40
10334-A5        TH                  6/11-7/2         6:00-6:30pm   $40
10334-A6        TU & TH         6/9-7/2           6:00-6:30pm   $80