Virtual Children’s & Adult Programs

Prior to the start of each session, you will receive an email with instructions on how to log into the session via Zoom.

I Speak Spanish! Spanish for Kids

Ages 3-5
Expand your child’s world! Introduce your child to the Spanish language in this Spanish immersion class developed especially for very young learners. Children will be immersed in the Spanish language through fun and educational activities and music. Each session covers new and exciting material!
Ages 3-6
Activity    Day    Date           Time                  R/NR
TH     2/25-4/1      9:30-10:15am    $78
38157-A4  M       3/8-4/12      5:00-5:45pm      $78

Chess Wizards

Ages 6-11
Chess Wizards is so popular with kids because of our unique structure. First, we let kids get the wiggles and giggles out with 10 minutes of free play and review of past taught topics. We then go right into the week’s lessons. We separate students based on skill levels and teach different lessons best suited to their individual needs. All lessons have an activity and homework to accompany them and we have well over 80 different lessons to keep challenging our little wizards! Chess has been taught for thousands of years because of its emphasis on logic, tactics and sportsmanship. Let us coach your kids to a higher level of education! Classes are offered through zoom and for a virtual chess board. No chess gear needed to participate.
Activity    Day  Date          Time               R/NR
TH    2/4-3/18     4:30-5:30pm   $112
38153-A2 TH   4/8-5/20      4:30-5:30pm   $112

Youth Spanish

Ages 6-11
Learning a second language can open a world of possibilities for your child. In this class students will learn Spanish conversation and some Spanish grammar, reading, and writing skills through interactive and engaging activities. Each session covers new and exciting materials!
Ages 6-11
Activity    Day   Date         Time                   R/NR
TH    2/25-4/1    10:30-11:15am   $78
38158-A4  M     3/8-4/12     6:15-7:00pm       $78

Spanish for Adults

Age 16 & Older
Instructed by: Language in Action, Inc.
Have you always wanted to learn a foreign language, but never had the opportunity? Are you planning a vacation to a Spanish-speaking country? Do you work with Spanish speaking students or clients? In this relaxed, small-class environment you will learn Spanish conversation, grammar and phonetics which you can immediately begin using. This class will be tailored to fit the needs of the students enrolled.
Activity      Day  Date           Time                   R/NR
TU    2/23-3/30   10:00-11:00am   $78
37259-A4    W     2/24-3/31    6:00-7:00pm      $78