Virtual Children’s & Adult Programs

Prior to the start of each session, you will receive an email with instructions on how to log into the session via Zoom.


Ages Birth-6 with Adult
Instead of just another sing-a-long class, Musikgarten offers your child music education at an early age. And this Summer, your whole family can bounce, sing and dance together for one low price! Bond together in a family jam band as you learn rhythm and other musical concepts through activities, games and instruments. Each 4-week session has different music and activities!

Mixed Ages:  Sing & Shout!
Activity          Day       Date              Time                           R/NR
10311-A3        TU        7/7-7/28         10:00-10:45am           $79
10311-A4        TU        7/7-7/28         5:45-6:30pm               $79

Mixed Ages:  Shake, Rattle & Roll!
Activity          Day       Date               Time                          R/NR
10311-A5        TU        8/4-8/25         10:00-10:45am           $79
10311-A6        TU        8/4-8/25         5:45-6:30pm               $79


Chess Wizards

Ages 6-12
Enter into the magical world of chess with Chess Wizards! You will participate in epic chess games, fun and interactive lessons, tournaments, team matches, trivia and more! Our specialized classes are a blast for everyone. Whether you have been playing chess for your entire life and want to improve, are brand new to the game or you just have to have a fun experience with your friends – Chess Wizards online is the place for you! We will offer three skill levels:  Beginner, Intermediate and Strong Intermediate.
Activity          Day      Date               Time                          R/NR
17384-A1        W         6/3-7/1           11:00am-Noon          $81


Spanish Classes for Kids – LIVE

Ages 3-11
Looking for something fun and educational for your children to do while at home? Join us right from your living room as we explore new cultures and learn the Spanish language via the interactive Zoom platform! Younger children will learn conversational Spanish through fun and interactive activities and music while older children will also learn some Spanish phonetics to begin reading and writing in Spanish. All children in the household (provided they are within the appropriate age range) are welcome to attend for the price of one student! This class is taught live by a Language in Action, Inc. instructor.

I Speak Spanish
Ages 3-6
Activity          Day     Date               Time                            R/NR
10241-A2        M         7/13-8/10       10:30-11:15pm           $71

Youth Spanish
Ages 7-11
Activity          Day     Date               Time                            R/NR
10241-A4        M         7/13-8/10       11:45am-12:30pm     $71


Spanish for Adults – LIVE

Age 16 & Older
Have you ever wanted to learn a foreign language, but never had the opportunity? Now is the time! Stay connected and learn Spanish from the safety and comfort of your own home via the interactive Zoom platform. In this class you will learn conversational Spanish that you can immediately begin using. The class will be tailored to the needs of the students enrolled. This class is taught live by a Language in Action, Inc. instructor.
Activity          Day     Date               Time                  R/NR
17655-A2        M         7/13-8/10       9:00-10:00am   $71


The Magic of Zoom

Ages 8-12
In this Harry Potter Parody, it’s Hogwarts meets Zoom! The students of “Dogwarts” have their first day in Professor “Snope’s” virtual classroom. How are they supposed to practice the magical arts of wizardry on a computer? What’s in “Plotter’s” closet? And what about this year’s prom? This show is written to be performed online via Zoom. Only the upper body of the actors will show and they will use makeup and simple costume pieces to look like their characters. Students will meet with an instructor via Zoom to rehearse and record their performance. The performance will last about 15 minutes and be premiered on YouTube.
Activity          Day       Date             Time                            R/NR
10151-A1        M & W   6/10-6/24     10:30-11:05am           $85