Online Esports Tournaments

Ages 10 & Older
Test your skills and compete in these Esports Tournaments! Gamers will play in at least two matches to warm-up, then they will compete in a single elimination tournament. Winners for each bracket will receive a prize! To participate, players must have the correct video game, gaming device and access to online play. Players will set up game times on the Discord™ communication app. Approximately two games will be played per week.

Discord App Information


League of Legends™ 101

Ages 13 & Older
League of Legends™ is a team-based strategy game where two teams of five people face off to destroy the other team’s base. This PC game is exploding in popularity all over the globe. This class will be taught through the Zoom app as the instructor will be sharing their screen so you can see their every move. Each gamer will have the chance to learn the basics of the game and reach all the way to becoming a League of Legends™ Champion! Prior to the class, information will be sent via email on how to join the Zoom class.
Activity          Day       Date             Time                R/NR
16381-A1        W         7/1-7/22         6:00-7:00pm   $35