Camp Wewannago-June

Grades 1-7 (2020-2021 School Year)
Lions Community Center, 1 Manor Drive

Due to COVID-19 the structure of camp will follow specific guidelines. Camp Wewannago is designed to provide a safe, structured environment for children. Your child’s day will be filled with outdoor activities, games and arts and crafts. Camp Wewannago is staffed with trained employees who will be wearing neon yellow staff T-shirts so they can be seen easily.

Registration will be open to residents only. Due to Governor Pritzker’s Phase 3 guidelines, we’re only allowed to take the first 45 participants registered. Once the program is full, you can register to be on the waitlist. You must register each individual child in the household on the waitlist.

Camp Wewannago Parent Resources:

Camp One Registration Date: Tuesday, May 26, 8:00am-6:00pm
Camp Two Registration Date: Wednesday, May 27, 8:00am-6:00pm
Camp Three Registration Date: Thursday, May 28, 8:00am-6:00pm

Camp One                                                      Days                  Date               Time
ACTV#91234-G1                                             Mon.-Fri.            6/1-6/26          9:00am-3:30pm
Fee: $598 ($30 registration fee included) 

Camp Two                                                      Days                  Date               Time
ACTV# 91234-G2 (subject to availability)    Mon.-Fri.            6/1-6/12           9:00am-3:30pm
Fee: $314 ($30 registration fee included)

Camp Three                                                   Days                  Date               Time
ACTV#91234-G3 (subject to availability)     Mon.-Fri.            6/15-6/26        9:00am-3:30pm
Fee: $314 ($30 registration fee included)

July Camp Dates are To Be Determined due to Governor Pritzker’s Phase 4 guidelines

How to set-up and Online Account for Registration:

Registration for Camp Wewannago is only available for New Lenox Community Park District residents and will be taken online only. You must have an online account in order to register online.

If you do not remember if you have an online account send an email to to request your username and password. This must be done by Friday, May 22 by 3:00pm in order for you to be ready for registration on Tuesday, May 26 at 8:00am.

Below are the steps on how to create your own online account if you do not have one already:

  • Go to and click on Online Registration
  • Click on “Need an Account?”
  • Complete the step-by-step instructions to create your account
  • You will now need to provide proof of residency by submitting proper documentation. This information can be sent via email to or via fax to (815) 485-3589.
    • One Item from Category 1
      • Most recent property tax bill
      • Most recent mortgage statement (we do not accept mortgage coupon payment books)
      • Signed and dated lease or letter from manager (on letterhead) and proof of last month’s payment
      • Mortgage closing statement (if you have moved in the last 30 days)
    • Two Items from Category 2
      • Valid Illinois Driver’s license or State I.D. Card
      • Most recent gas, electric and/or water bill
      • Most recent cable television bill, credit card bill and/or bank statement
      • Voter Registration
      • Vehicle Registration
      • Current Public Aid Card

Your proof of residency paperwork must be submitted to by Friday, May 22 at 3:00pm in order for you to be ready for registration on Tuesday, May 26 at 8:00am.

If, while setting up your online account, you receive a notice on your computer screen asking you if you would like to set a duplicate household, DO NOT proceed, as you already have an online account with the Park District. You will send an email to to request your username and password. This must be done by Friday, May 22 by 3:00pm in order for you to be ready for registration on Tuesday, May 26 at 8:00am.

ePACT-New for Camp!

New Lenox Community Park District is proud to announce our adoption of ePACT Network for better safety! ePACT is a secure emergency network, that we will use to collect medical and emergency contact information electronically. Not only will ePACT replace paper forms, but it will also ensure we have a way to communicate with you.

Why are we using ePACT?

  • To save you time – With ePACT, you only need to complete your child’s information once, and can then use that same record for other programs or subsequent years
  • Improved privacy and security – Eliminating paper forms ensures that your key information is safe and secure. ePACT maintains the same levels of security as online banking, and limits access only to the administrators we assign for enhanced privacy.
  • Better support – ePACT makes it easy for you to share comprehensive health and emergency contact details, so we can provide the best support to your child. Plus, you can update this anytime and we will automatically receive those new details.

How it works

  • You’ll receive an email invite to share information with New Lenox Community Park District
  • Click ‘Complete Request’ to create a free account, or log-in if you already have an existing ePACT account.
  • Enter the required information, like medical conditions, and share it with New Lenox Community Park District so that program staff have access.