Athletic Camps

Five Star Soccer Mini-Camp

Ages 5-13                                                               
Spencer Crossing Soccer Field
Five Star Soccer Camps are proud to offer a fresh, enthusiastic approach to teaching youth soccer. We pride ourselves on delivering a curriculum that presents the most current and advanced information on the development of the youth soccer player. The quality of our staff is among the best around, working hard to build on fundamental techniques, while creating an atmosphere that unlocks the game within each child. The curriculum of instruction is designed by Michael Wiggins, who is a 2-time IHSA Soccer Coach of the Year and Head Coach of the 2014 IHSA Soccer State Champions.

Ages 5-9
Activity            Day          Date              Time                          R/NR
12252-A1         M-TH       7/6-7/9            9:00-11:00am            $75


Lincoln-Way Area Youth & Junior Tennis Camp

Ages 5-18
Lincoln Way Central High School Tennis Courts
Players will be introduced to tennis by various drills that will develop coordination, agility and athleticism. They will be instructed on the proper grips, various stroke techniques (forehand, backhand, overhead, volley and serve) along with the areas of the court and scoring methods. Middle and high school participants will work at sharpening their skills and learn to use different strokes in matches. Loaner racquets will be available; players need to bring their own water bottle. Tennis balls will be supplied for the class.

Ages 5-10
Activity            Day          Date                Time                            R/NR
15530-A1*         M-TH       7/27-7/30        9:00-10:00am              $49
15530-A2          M-TH       8/3-8/6            9:00-10:00am              $49
*Location changed to Countryview/Royal Meadows Park Tennis Courts

Ages 11-14
Activity             Day          Date                Time                            R/NR
15530-A3*         M-TH       7/27-7/30        10:00-11:30am            $72
15530-A4          M-TH       8/3-8/6            10:00-11:30am            $72
*Location changed to Countryview/Royal Meadows Park Tennis Courts




Kids First Track & Field Camp

Ages 6-12                                                                    
Liberty Junior High School Track
Camp will consist of body balance techniques, speed and agility drills. Fundamentals taught in camp will build the foundation for a quicker, safer and stronger performer. A wide variety of timed events will take place daily concluding with an event championship series on the final day. Participants will be split into age groups.
Activity            Day         Date                  Time                            R/NR
12544-A1         M-F         7/20-7/24          9:00am-Noon             $126


Kids First Flag Football Camp

Ages 6-12                                                                    
Walker Country Estates Park
Catch me if you can! Throughout this camp, coaches will run drills focusing on position training, techniques on speed and quickness, body balance, first step directional movements, football safety awareness and sportsmanship. Flag Football games will be played throughout each day. Camp will conclude with a Punt-Pass-Kick Contest and a championship game! Campers will be separated by age and ability during camp activities.
Activity            Day         Date                  Time                            R/NR
12546-A2         M-F         7/27-7/31          9:00am-Noon             $126


Kids First Basketball Camp

Ages 8-12                                                           
Spencer Park Basketball Court
Coaches will focus on the fundamentals of shooting, dribbling, passing, defense, speed and quickness. The camp will also include a skills contest and championship game! Players will learn new basketball skills and safety practices to make them game ready. Shooting at a basket will be limited for younger players as drills will focus on shooting technique. Campers will be separated by age and ability during camp activities.
Activity            Day         Date                  Time                            R/NR
12542-A1         M-F         7/6-7/10            9:00am-Noon             $126

Skyhawks Flag Football Camp

Ages 6-12                                                                    
Walker Country Estates Park
Flag Football Camp is recommended for beginning to intermediate athletes. Through the Skyhawks “skill of the day” activities, campers will learn skills on both sides of the ball including the core components of passing, catching, de-flagging and defensive positioning. Camp ends with the Skyhawks Super Bowl, giving participants a chance to showcase their skills on the gridiron.
Activity            Day         Date                  Time                          R/NR
14677-A1         M-F         7/6-7/10            9:00am-Noon             $119


Skyhawks Baseball Camp

Ages 6-12                                                                    
Bentley Athletic Fields
Skyhawks staff use their developed curriculum to teach the fundamentals of fielding, catching, throwing, hitting and base running, all in a fun, positive environment. Specifically designed for beginning and intermediate players, this camp teaches all athletes new baseball skills along with vital life lessons such as respect, teamwork and responsibility. Participants should wear appropriate clothing, bring two snacks, a water bottle, running shoes, a baseball glove and sunscreen.
Activity            Day         Date                  Time                          R/NR
14680-A1         M-F         7/13-7/17          9:00am-Noon             $119


D-Bat Baseball Camp

Ages 7-12
Lions Den Softball Field
This two-day camp is the kick-start you need to begin Summer. Day 1 will cover the fundamentals of each skill including hitting, fielding, pitching, catching and base running. Day 2 will incorporate these skills into competitive but fun games, giving each player the opportunity to learn and improve the fundamentals. D-Bat Baseball’s goal is to provide a quality teaching environment with professional instruction to enhance the baseball experience for players at all levels and help them reach their goals.

Ages 7-9
Activity           Day            Date            Time                     R/NR
16292-A1        TU & TH     7/7 & 7/9      9:00-11:00am       $60

Ages 10-12
Activity           Day            Date            Time                          R/NR
16292-A2        TU & TH     7/7 & 7/9      11:00am-1:00pm       $60


Archery Camp

Ages 8-17
Is your young archer interested in becoming the next Robin Hood or Katniss? If so, this is the camp for them! Students will learn safety, proper technique and form and shooting etiquette. There will be a lot of shooting games and fun with a constant emphasis on safety and respect. Camp will conclude with a tournament to crown new champion archers. Staff at BowDoc Archery are USA Archery certified coaches. All levels of shooters are welcome from beginner to experienced archers. BowDoc will supply all of the equipment necessary for camp.
Activity            Day         Date            Time                            R/NR
12340-A1         M-TH       8/3-8/6         9:00-11:00am              $125
Location:  BowDoc Archery
18815 Wolf Road, Unit 4, Mokena


Basketball 101 Mini-Camp

Ages 8-12                                                             
Spencer Park Basketball Court
Come learn the fundamentals of basketball in this fun-filled basketball camp! Drills will focus on ball handling, shooting, passing, defensive positioning and game situations. Players will be split up into groups based on their skill and size to ensure safe and competitive gameplay. Age-appropriate equipment will be provided so make sure to leave your ball at home! Children need to bring a water bottle to class.
Activity            Day         Date              Time                            R/NR
12331-A1         M-F         8/3-8/7         9:00-11:00am              $65/$70


ONE Star Girls Lacrosse Camp

Ages 8-14                                                                     
Lincoln-Way East High School Football Field
Instructed by: New Wave Lacrosse
The ONE Star Camps are perfect for beginners who are looking to learn this exciting sport! This girls-only camp is a “crash course” in the fundamentals. The professional coaches will teach athletes the skills necessary to advance to more competitive play. Skills taught include dodging, stick work, creating offense, shooting and defense. Just bring a water bottle and a good attitude. We provide the rest!
Activity            Day           Date                 Time                           R/NR
12130-A2         SA-SU      7/18-7/19         9:00-10:30am             $60


Lincoln-Way Central Volleyball Camps

Ages 14-17
Lincoln-Way Central High School Main Gymnasium               

Individual skills are taught and practiced; team drills, strategies, offensive and defensive systems taught and applies. This camp will be instructed by the Lincoln-Way Central coaching staff. Fee includes T-shirt. For additional information, contact Coach Brown at

Girls, Age 14-15
Activity            Day         Date             Time                    R/NR
15210-A1         M-TH       7/6-7/19        1:00-3:00pm       $100
15210-A2         M-TH       7/13-7/16      1:00-3:00pm       $100
15210-A3         M-TH       7/20-7/23      1:00-3:00pm       $100

Girls, Age 16-17
Activity            Day         Date             Time                     R/NR
15210-A4         M-TH       7/6-7/19        9:00am-Noon       $120
15210-A5         M-TH       7/13-7/16      9:00am-Noon       $120
15210-A6         M-TH       7/20-7/23      9:00am-Noon       $120

Boys, Age 14-17
Activity            Day         Date                 Time                    R/NR
15210-A7         M-TH       7/27-7/30          3:00-5:00pm       $75